Silicone Spray

By Brandon Baldwin

Silicone Spray!  It has more uses than you might think.  Below is what it is great for.

1. Spray it on all  your  rubber  seals  such  as around  doors and windows to increase the life of them.

2. Spray it on the same  rubber  seals  around  doors  and  windows, especially in  the  window  tracks  so  that  the  ice  can  be removed  easier.    Ever get embarrassed at McDonalds at the drive through when you found your window won’t go down due to icing?

3. Again, on the door and window seals; it puffs them back up a little to help with wind and water leaks.  We used this at the dealership.

4. Door locks: it dries and keeps ice from forming in them.

5. Cables: spray it down the clutch cable to displace water and keep dust from gumming it up.

6. Want to know if the belt is what is squeaking?  A little shot of silicone spray can quiet it temporarily.

7. Do NOT spray it anywhere near  your  engine intake on an engine that has oxygen sensors or Air Fuel Ratio sensors.  It contaminates these.  In fact, you will see on sealants sometimes “sensor safe” where the vapors do not have silicone in them.

8. Do NOT intentionally spray on your paint if your ever want to repaint.

9. Use as a conditioner on your dash if you are in a pinch and don’t have Armor-All.   Armor-All still works better, but silicone spray works for a day.

10. Use as a conditioner on ATV plastic in place of Armor-All, just NOT on the seat or hand grips.  Yes, it can be slippery.

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